CRONOTRADE is also specialised in ordinary and extraordinary building maintenance through repair and renovation works and collaborating, if necessary, with professionals in the sector.


In addition to routine maintenance, we have carried out major renovations on historic buildings over the time, which were aimed at accurate use of the types of finishes and materials used in the past, created by qualified personnel with adequate technical solutions and equipment.

Facade renovation and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of stone coverings

Reconstruction of roofs and balconies

Reconstruction of eaves and downspouts

Realisation of thermal coats

Realisation of solar shields

Replacement of windows and doors

Removal and disposal of asbestos-cement

Painting and varnishing

Modifications of masonry work

Maintenance of water and sewerage systems

Maintenance and renewal of wiring

Maintenance and renewal of heating systems

Maintenance and renewal of fire and safety systems

and many more...

All the materials used by CRONOTRADE are of the highest quality, guaranteeing resistance to thermal changes and preventing water and moisture from penetrating walls. Conventional restoration of plasters, cements and stuccos.